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This was a weekly gathering of people to hear local musicians and spoken-word artists performing original, powerful pieces. [listen]

Now is the time to express our emotions, our stories, our thoughts through music and spoken word. We need to share in community, we need to hear each other, and rejoice in art and music. Expressing the personal will affect the global.

We fight bureaucracy with silliness.
We stop war with song.
We combat hopelessness with hope.

  5/27/05 Update: More Shows! June 2, 9, 16, and 30. See the schedule

The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists has graciously agreed to co-sponsor these events with us. This will allow us to continue making beautiful music at their wonderful hall. Visit their website for more community and events. Also many people have remarked on how wonderful the hall is. Contact them if you wish to rent the hall for private or community events. Tell 'em sent you!

MP3 files updated: Listen to the May 19th show.
MP3 files updated: Listen to the April 28th show.
   --  Laramie 5/27/2005
4/25/05 Update: WOW! The April 21 event was a smash success. Don't take my word for it -- listen for yourself: April 21st show. I've posted all the MP3 recordings of people who wanted to be published here. Also, check out the April 7th show

$*#@!^%$ Brittany Spears and the Backstreet Boys ain't got nothin' on this. Pull down these MP3s and get some quality music in your life, not that schlock from the corporation$ who killed Napster. This is beautiful, original, live and unplugged music at its best!
   --  Laramie 4/25/2005
4/9/05 Update: As the series continues, it will evolve .... From our first gathering on April 7th, people who came were most excited about the less amplified performances in the wonderful acoustics of the BFUU hall. The impromptu jams, the group harmonizations, the sharing and listening -- these led us to want future Live and Unplugged events to be truly unplugged. (Amplified instruments still welcome.)
   --  Laramie 4/9/2005

Live Performances in Berkeley, CA:

September 2005
Thursday, September 15 7:00 PM
Thursday, September 29 7:00 PM

Listen to previous performances
April 7 [listen]
April 21 [listen]
April 28 [listen]
May 19 [listen]
June 2 [listen]

Berkeley :: [ Map ]
  Some Thursdays:
Unitarian Universalists Fellowship Hall
    1924 Cedar Street
    (cross street: Bonita Ave)
    Berkeley, CA 94709

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  April 7, 2005
  April 21, 2005
  April 28, 2005
  May 19, 2005
  June 2, 2005

Berkeley Live and Unplugged was hosted by Berkeley singer/songwriter Laramie Crocker, Berkeley singer/songwriter Lauren Renee Hotchkiss, and Berkeley/Tahoe playwright, poet and author Wendi Olson, with generous support from the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists.

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photography: Wendi Olson

  Laramie Crocker Laramie Crocker
Berkeley Singer/Songwriter
Projects: U.S. Provisional Authority, a studio album/CD with a band, depicting an Orwellian future under the Bush junta, which was performed for three shows in Berkeley complete with staging , dancers, and costumes, also a solo swing-state tour. The album includes Cargo [flash movie] [mp3] a song about the troops coming home. Visit his [website] for cartoons, songs, MP3s, photos, stories, and poems.
  Wendi Olson
Wendi Olson
Berkeley/Tahoe Poet, Playwright, Author, Singer
Projects: Wendi is currently working on a production of her latest play Nature vs. Merger, and a series of new illustrated books.
  Lauren Renee Hotchkiss Lauren Renee Hotchkiss
Berkeley Singer/Songwriter
Projects: Lauren works on her vast body of original music, and plays regularly for services at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists.

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